A Comprehensive K-12 Curriculum Framework


Every curriculum has a worldview–a set of assumptions about reality, moral values, and philosophical commitments–that determine what is emphasized and how it is presented. K12Together combines the modern standards of a liberal arts and sciences education with a commitment to proven classic content and values. These are expressed throughout with a global and theistic perspective:


K12Together has been designed for the international context. The unfolding history of the world serves as the backbone of the curriculum. From the earliest years, students learn about the paths of civilizations and cultures around the globe. Because it is in English, more emphasis is put on Europe and America in later centuries; however, teachers can easily included emphases on their own nations during appropriate time periods.


The writers of this curriculum believe there is one good eternal God, Maker and Father of us all, who is active in this world and seeks to bless all people. They also believe that there are forces of evil on earth, which actively oppose the good purposes of God, causing hatred, abuse, injustice, and violence. They believe that Jesus is the Messiah sent by God to destroy the power of Satan and sin in our lives. The foundational value of this curriculum is summarized by the Great Commandment taught by Jesus: “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love you neighbor as yourself.” Hence, respect for all people, and the good in all cultures, is combined with honesty about the evil in our own selves, our own and other cultures and history. All major religions are covered in their historical and cultural context with respect.