A Comprehensive K-12 Curriculum Framework


Every curriculum has a worldview–a set of assumptions about reality, moral values, and philosophical commitments–that determine what is emphasized and how it is presented. K12Together combines the modern standards of a liberal arts and sciences education with a commitment to proven classic content and values. These are expressed throughout with a global and theistic ... Read More

Philosophy of Education

K12Together combines a commitment to two principles: First, building on the natural learning ability of every child through teacher-directed exploratory learning and multiage learning teams, and second, integrating classic fields of knowledge with significant skills in an iterative, systematic way. 1. K12Together builds on the natural learning ability of every child. K12Together promotes a ... Read More


The K12Together curriculum has a unique structure that enables it to be used in small schools with children in a wide spread of ages. K12Together is equally useful for guiding individual students or large age-segregated classrooms. However, it is one of few curricula available created for the type of multiage learning that is possible in “one room schoolhouse” settings. All content and skill ... Read More