A Comprehensive K-12 Curriculum Framework

Teacher Resources

Building Language Skills

Create A Personal Dictionary
Vocabulary Box
Conducting an Interview
Speech: 5 Types of Speeches, Debates, Storytelling, Oral Presentations
Drama: Plays, Skits/Scenes, Soliloquies, Reader’s Theatre, Choral Recitations, Puppet Shows, Drama Games
Creating Student Books
Making Books: Various Types of Content and Construction
Types of Poetry and Their Formation
Memory Games: Mnemonic Techniques (Helping Children Memorize)

Research & Experimentation

How to Teach Children to Do Scientific Observations
How to use The Everyday Science Sourcebook

Activity-Based Learning

Visual Art Glossary
Cooking Together
Displays: Making Scientific, Museum or Art Displays
Drawing: Scientific Diagrams, Artistic Drawings, Architectural Renderings, Sketchbooks
Creating Games
Games From Other Cultures
Making Maps: Three Dimensional, Two Dimensional
Making Models
Making Timelines: to Chronicle Historical Events, to Chronicle Passing of Time
Planning Celebrations
Student Assesment Resources

Understanding God & the Bible

The BIG Story of the Bible
Knowing God: General and Special Revelation
K-12 Inductive Bible Study Guides
Getting to Know the Books of the Bible: Old Testament and New Testament
Worshiping Together: Forms of Praise

How to Plan a Unit of Study

How to Plan a Unit
Sample Year 1 Unit 1 Multiage Lesson Plan – Bible
Sample Year 1 Unit 1 Multiage Lesson Plan – Language Arts
Sample Year 1 Unit 1 Multiage Lesson Plan – Science
Sample Y1U1 Plan – Emerging Reader (download)
Sample Y1U1 plan -Independent Reader (download)
Sample Y1U1 Plan – Middle School (download)


Independent Study Flow Chart
Student Planning Calendar