A Comprehensive K-12 Curriculum Framework

Year 3 The Age of Discovery

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Y3 can be used for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This year covers the age of discovery, astronomy, earth sciences and chemistry, as well as a complementary language arts portion and skill development objectives.

The last two years of K12Together are still under development, and the Introductions are in process. However, most of the other pages have been developed and are available in the rest of this chart for those that would like to go ahead and study these periods of history and/or these science topics. For an overview of the entire year, click on the section entitled Content Topics Overview. The other sections will provide content guidelines in detail. Please follow the section entitled “How to Use K12Together” for guidance on how to integrate the K-12th grade content with appropriate skills development for each of your students.

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K12Together – Year 3
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