A Comprehensive K-12 Curriculum Framework


K12Together is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum framework designed as a learning guide for a one-room schoolhouse or multiage classroom that may also be used by individuals, families, home-school coops and traditional schools. K12Together can be used for an entire Kindergarten through 12th grade education, or to supplement the educational goals of other programs or national curricula.

K12Together is available FREE to all those who agree to the public licensing conditions (read now).



1)      Global

2)      Theistic

Philosophy of Education

1)   K12Together builds on the natural learning ability of every child

a)      The teacher directs exploratory Learning

b)      The classroom functions as a team.

2)      K12Together integrates content and skills in a systematic way

a)      The content is classic, integrated, and systematic.

b)      The skills are classic, integrated, and systematic.


1)      The content is looping

2)      The curriculum is unit-study based

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